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We love helping you find the right type and size of foam you need to complete your DIY and craft projects. We can cut foam to many sizes and shapes. Bring your ideas to us and we can help them take shape. Our customers have used our foam for a wide variety of projects including; costumes, decorating projects, poker/games tables, and to create props for theatre and film.

Check out our FOAM section for more information about the wide variety of foam types that we carry (in-stock availability will vary).

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Many of our products, including mattresses, are “made-to-order” and are usually ready for pick-up in 3-7 business days. Custom cushions are typically ready in 2-4 weeks.*

If you require a quote for a custom project, please provide as many specific details as possible, including the height x width x length of the foam and whether you require a cover.

*Completion dates for orders will vary, based on the availability of the foam & fabric selected and the extent of the project.