Premium Plus Foam

Mid-quality, conventional cell foam which offers a good level of support at an affordable price.

Great for: Mattresses, seating cushions, and upholstery foam.

Available in: soft (16 ILD), firm (41 ILD), extra-firm (50 ILD).

Type: conventional polyurethane foam. 1.45 lbs/cuft – 1.5 lbs/cuft

To calculate board-feet: multiply thickness by width by length, in inches. Then divide the total by 144 for the total board footage of a given piece. Then multiply by the board-foot price for the total price.


$2.65 per board-foot
Price subject to change.
Taxes & shipping extra.
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Many of our products, including mattresses, are “made-to-order” and are usually ready for pick-up in 3-7 business days. Custom cushions are typically ready in 2-4 weeks.*

If you require a quote for a custom project, please provide as many specific details as possible, including the height x width x length of the foam and whether you require a cover.

*Completion dates for orders will vary, based on the availability of the foam & fabric selected and the extent of the project.