A fact to ponder…


Did you know that, on average, you sleep over 191,000 hours in your lifetime?


If you don’t sleep comfortably, you may be robbing yourself of the energy you need to get through a hectic day.


The new generation of mattress technology is here to provide you with the sleep you need.


High resiliency foam mattresses


No, not the same as the camping foam mats you used growing up.

Today’s high resiliency foam mattresses exceed today’s mainstream spring mattresses in comfort, durability and price.  Foam mattresses are designed for support and comfort.


Why sleep on foam?


Natural support

Foam’s micro-cell structure allows the mattress to conform to your body regardless of which way you sleep.  Its uniform structure gives you unvarying comfort.


Quiet sleep surface

There are no metal or mechanical parts in a foam mattress and therefore no noise.


Independent sleep

Foam responds to each point of contact independently.  Therefore, the movement of one person will not affect the sleep of another.


Clean and hygienic

Our foam is an inert and hypo-allergenic material. Its micro-cell structure discourages the build-up of dust, dirt and other unwanted things like dust-mites.


Long lasting

High resiliency foam holds its shape for years.




Some old foam can be brought back to the manufacturer and it will be purified and made into carpet underlay. 


New foam scraps can be chipped and used for pillows, carpet underlay, etc.