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Types of  foam we carry


Memory foam

Sensus foam with hand printOur memory foam is a premium, high density, visco-elastic foam.  We carry it in a 2.5lbs per cubic foot and a 4lbs per cubic foot weight.

Type: Visco-Elastic foam


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Ultra foam

Ultra foam

High resiliency fire rated foam with a unique cell structure which offers the highest level of support and durability.  

Great for:  High end mattresses, seating cushions, high end medical cushions, and upholstery foam.

Type:  HR Cell



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Royal foam

Royal foam

High quality conventional cell foam which offers a high level of support at an affordable price.
Great for: Mattresses, seating cushions, medical cushions, and upholstery foam.

Type:  2 lb/cuft foam


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Premium foam

 Premium foam      

Conventional cell light weight and portable foam.

Great for: Medical bolsters and wedges, occasional/cottage use foam, arts & crafts.

Type:  1.2 lb/cuft foam



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Camping foam

Camping foam


Light weight conventional cell foam designed for occasional or weekend use.

Great for:  camping mats, packaging foam, arts & crafts.


Type:  1 lb/cuft foam


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Softer closed cell foam, which is very resilient and durable, impervious to water.
Great for:  Outdoor and boat cushions, sports padding, and fitness equipment padding.

Type:   Closed cell


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Firmer closed cell foam, which is very resilient and durable, and is impervious to water.
Great for:  High end packaging foam, gasket foam, insulating foam.

Type:   Closed cell




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Chipped polyurethane foam compressed for maximum density.  We carry 6lb/cuft and 10lb/cuft rebond.
Great for:   High impact areas such as fitness equipment, chiropractic tables, and gym mats, and yoga blocks.

Type:    laminated foam chips


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