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Medical comfort products

Knee Alignment Cushion

Designed to keep the knees and spine aligned while sleeping.

Portable and lightweight.

Custom sizes and covers available.

Back Hugger

Designed to hug the back muscles. It supports proper alignment of the spine to help reduce stress and pain caused by prolonged sitting.

Firm durable contoured foam, with heavy weight zippered cover.

Knee Bolster

Recommended to reduce pressure & muscle tension in the lower back.

Promotes proper posture & relieves pain caused by tight hamstrings.

Comes with poly-cotton cover (options include vinyl covers, positioning handles and half sizes).

4 Standard heights: 8, 10, 11, 13.

Specialty cushions

Hip replacement pad -extra firm foam. Designed to elevate a person, facilitating sitting & standing.

Wheelchair pad helps to increase air circulation & provide comfort while sitting.

Memory foam comfort cushion has a 1 layer of memory foam which provides comfort while sitting.

Mac roll

Half & full moon lumbar rolls.

Designed to provide effective pain relief & support to the lumbar & cervical spine.

Comes with a durable cotton cover (options include vinyl covers and half sizes).

Full roll is 5 in diameter and 15 long.

Foam Mattresses

High density mattresses available in different firmnesses.

High resiliency foam mattresses provide maximum support and contouring.

Hypo-allergenic. Its micro-cell structure discourages the buildup of dust, dirt and other unwanted substances.

Specialty pillows

Designed to maintain the natural alignment of the spine, head & shoulders.

Recommended for individuals with chronic pain in the neck & shoulders.

Available in conventional foam or memory foam.

Memory foam

Recommended to reduce pressure and help circulation. Memory foam shapes itself around your body.

Mattress toppers

Designed for use as a comfort top-layer on the mattress.

A high density convolute foam topper increases air circulation & provides a more restful sleep.

Memory foam toppers provide superior contouring and pressure relief.


Designed to elevate the upper body while resting.

Great for reading or watching TV.

Lightweight resilient foam in a zippered washable cover (options include vinyl covers)

Available in 4 standard heights: 6, 8, 10, 12.